2016-vjiwHello and welcome to my website: where I share my ideas, work and the lighter side of life with fellow enthusiasts! My output today is mostly visual and communicative spanning the visual arts with technology, combined with a love of landscape and countryside.

• Today my Fine Art, Photography and Picture Library have developed together into three main categories: Media Picture Library  Fine Art  Book Design  

Since schooldays painting has been the backbone of my creative work. I developed a shabby distressed style for oils on board and am now developing my watercolour style. Working for publishers for print production, book design and image rights became part of my range.

In recent years, trips to Venice and rural England, have provided me with refreshing new material for creativity. New works and sketches are in mixed media and watercolour on paper are now in the gallery. A selection of three works in detail are shown in the header as a taster.

My extensive family image archive represented by Mary Evans Library, continues to be in demand for mixed media and TV productions including: Ancestry.co.uk’s television and online marketing campaign.

In parallel to my creative freelance career, I have worked for a variety of London-based booksellers covering departments of crime, arts and history. For more information on all areas, see my social links and posts archives. A slideshow below gives a flavour of various areas of my creative output. Vanessa Innes-Wagstaff. 

  • Venetian facade, water media/pigment on paper, 29 x 21 inches